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Here you can share your STD treatment stories and read others' stories. All these shared stories were contributed by real people. We hope that you find their stories helpful and informative.

Share your story to help others now - it can even be anonymous!
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Life comes at you fast!
My condition was severe in the beginning. I definitely got tired of taking a pill everyday so I lightened up. Then I noticed a pattern when I stressed I had a t...     For detail, click here.
Atypical case
I have HSV-1 and HSV-2 strains genitally with recurrent outbreaks every 3-4 months. My outbreaks usually last up to 2 weeks, and they are severe. They seem to b...     For detail, click here.
Valcyclovir 500mg Daily
I am a male, diagnosed 2 years ago. I still get outbreaks about once a month but they typically come after vigorous intercourse, or some other type of mechanica...     For detail, click here.
Alternative medicine
Hiv positive for 14 yrs pharmacy meds taken cd4 above 1000 and very low viral loads maintained throughout. I started taking colloidal silver daily 3 ti...     For detail, click here.
I finally figure it out!
I been positive for about 10 years and only the first few years I took prescriptions, after that I found some natural pills online much cheaper but I was gettin...     For detail, click here.

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